Course Description

This online workshop is focuses on basic progressions and how to analyse the movement to fix problems by breaking the down the skill.

Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria is the Victorian Government recognised peak organisation for gymnastics in Victoria and is a member of VicSport (the peak body for State Sport Organisations in Victoria), the Victorian Olympic Council and the Victorian Commonwealth Games Association. Gymnastics Victoria is an inclusive organisation working towards a vision of gymnastics for all Victorians, and provides gymnastics pathways from fundamental movement programs to Olympic Games and World Championships.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • You're the gymnastics coach

    • About you and the gymnasts you coach

    • Breaking Down Skills

  • 2

    Step one: Dominant Movement Patterns

    • Step One: Dominant Movement Patterns

    • DMPs in Practice

    • Safety Considerations

    • Identifying DMPs

  • 3

    Step two: Question the skill

    • Step two: Question the skill

    • Skill Example: Handstand

  • 4

    Step three: Analyse the movement

    • Step three: Analyse the movement

    • Skill Progression Feedback

    • Skills and Feedback - What to look for

    • Skill Feedback: What to Look For

  • 5

    Step four: Evaluate

    • Evaluate

  • 6

    Activity: Breakdown the skills

    • Breaking Down the Skills