Course Description

Welcome to “Manual Handling for Gymnastics”, an online course suitable for Gymnastics Clubs across Australia. Where sanctioned by the appropriate State Association, Technical Members will be able to receive 2 updating points for the completion of this course.

This course provides you with knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify hazardous manual tasks
  • Assess and control the risks with manual tasks
  • Comply with new WHS legislation

Gymnastics Victoria requires each Affiliated Club to nominate two health and safety representatives to complete this course, for which complimentary access will be provided. Contact Gymnastics Victoria at for access.

Gymnastics Victoria acknowledges the help of the following Gymnastics Clubs who have contributed to the development of this course:

- Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics Club
- Eastern Gymnastics Club
- Eclipse Gymnastics
- Waverley Gymnastics Centre
- BTYC Gymnastics

Good luck completing the course!

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Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria is the Victorian Government recognised peak organisation for gymnastics in Victoria and is a member of VicSport (the peak body for State Sport Organisations in Victoria), the Victorian Olympic Council and the Victorian Commonwealth Games Association. Gymnastics Victoria is an inclusive organisation working towards a vision of gymnastics for all Victorians, and provides gymnastics pathways from fundamental movement programs to Olympic Games and World Championships.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Manual Handling and Gymnastics

    • Codes Of Practice

    • Club Work Health and Safety Plan

    • The health effects of musculoskeletal injuries can be significant

    • What is a musculoskeletal injury?

    • How musculoskeletal disorders occur

    • Musculoskeletal injuries affect our bodies

    • Know your Club rules for manual handling

    • Good manual handling principles

    • Manual Handling Principles

    • Control measures for manual handling

    • Mechanical aids

    • Changing old habits

    • The importance of early treatment

    • Identifying Manual Handling Hazards

    • Manual Handling Basics

  • 2


    • Frequently moved equipment

    • Movement of Equipment

    • Storerooms

    • Storage and movement of equipment

    • Manual Handling of equipment

    • Whole-part-whole

    • Manual Handling of Equipment

    • Default behaviour

    • Large and awkward equipment

    • Special assembly equipment

    • New or awkward equipment

    • Set-up Pack-up programs

    • Moving equipment off site

    • Volunteers and manual handling

    • Volunteer and Off-site situations

    • Pregnant, older and younger coaches

    • Manual Handling Equipment

  • 3


    • Spotting - Manual Skill Assistance

    • Effective Spotting Guidelines

    • Specialised Spotting

    • Manual Handling Gymnasts

Follow Work Health & Safety Policies

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